What to Wear to Sit in the Living Room: Thanksgiving Outfits

Halloween is over and that means it is time to start preparing for Thanksgiving! In addition to the turkey, stuffing, place settings, and pies we also have to plan out the perfect Turkey Day outfit. Isn’t it so funny that we plan attire just to sit in someone’s living room?

Summer / My Thanksgiving outfits usually have a couple standard requirements; first, it must be stretchy enough to accommodate a food baby and second, it must be warm enough to keep me cozy all day. Since I’m a vegetarian, I usually end up having to cook at least one thing to ensure I have something meatless, so I end up pushing up sleeves and discarding scarves once I get in the kitchen. (If you put bacon in your green beans or turkey gravy on your mashed potatoes, have mercy on your veggie friends!)

Scarf / Straight Size: White Sweater (One Size) / Jeggings (XS-XXL, Short+Long) / OTK Boots / Plus Size: White Sweater (1X-4X) / Jegging (16-30) / OTK Boots (Wide Width)

This is a cute and easy combo; the blanket scarf adds some color plus covers up any food stains you might get on your white sweater. The jeggings have plenty of stretch and no distressing so you won’t catch flack from anyone (you know, the “you bought your jeans with the holes already in them?” people). The over the knee boots bump up the put-together factor while keeping you cozy and comfy. This is great for a casual Thanksgiving, especially if you’re the host and need to be moving and grooving all day!

Kathryn / For those of us showing up to someone else’s living room for Thanksgiving, we might want to get a little dressier. This year, my husband I are doing the Dallas Turkey Trot with our neighbors and then bringing a turkey ordered from our wedding caterer to my parents’ house, to minimize cooking efforts all around. Following my post-5k shower, I definitely think I’ll want to get a little more dressed up for the occasion.

Summer recently informed me that my closet is full of “hero pieces” — items of clothing that stand fabulous on their own, and don’t necessarily need accessories or layers to complete a look. She’s definitely right, and as someone who enjoys getting a little more dressed up for all the family photo opportunities (we’re lucky if we remember to take just one), I think a hero piece fits the bill here. They’re easy to throw on because you don’t have to plan many accessories, perfect for the one family picture you’ll take all day, and if you pick the right hero piece, super comfortable with enough room for your food baby.

Wrap Dress — Straight Size (XS-XXL), Plus Size (1X-4X) / Brown Corduroy Jumpsuit — Straight Size (0-18), Plus Size (14W-26W) / Sweater Dress — Straight Size (XS-XXL), Plus Size (1X-7X)

The wrap dress comes in 4 different colors with plus, straight, tall, and petite sizing available (bless you, Old Navy). It hits at your natural waist, so perfect for containing your food baby. We loooove this corduroy jumpsuit, easy enough to throw a long sleeve top underneath to keep you warm, and comfy enough to curl up on the couch to watch post-lunch football all afternoon. Finally, we found this sweater dress that is equal parts loose and comfortable. Dress (and warm!) it up with some OTK boots or cute tights and booties.

However you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this year, with family or friends, in your own home or theirs, we hope you find your perfect outfit for the living room, and have a wonderful holiday surrounded by loved ones.

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