Gift Guide: For Guys, But Make It Fun

As much as we like to give the men in our lives clothing at Christmas, we know that sometimes they want a gift that is a little more fun! We took the opportunity to pick their brains about which Christmas presents they’d most like to receive–and perhaps selfishly built up our own shopping lists in the process. Here are their favorite finds for fun-not-fashion gifts:

1. Contour Gague / 2. Shark Handvac / 3. Xbox Game Pass / 4. Yeti Lowball / 5. Charging Valet / 6. NFL Light-Up Holiday Sweater (S-3XL) / 7. Fire Stick / 8. Acqua di Gio Cologne

1. Contour Gauge / $16

Kathryn / I know getting a guy tools for Christmas is a little cliché but… this tool is so handy! You can use it to mold to any shape, allowing you to cut wood, stencils, models, etc. out to fit in crevices or corners perfectly. If you’re shopping for a handyman (or just an exhausted homeowner), this is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

2. Shark Handvac / $90

Kathryn / I got my husband one of these for Christmas last year. He told me, and I quote, “this is the best present you’ve ever given me.” Ever. I was honestly a little offended on behalf of my past self, but also so proud of myself. (This year, I’m trying to one-up myself… will keep you posted on how that goes!) We both love this little vacuum because it packs power in such a sleek, easy-to-hold design. It has a charging dock, so we just keep it on the dock in a closet and only pull it out when we need it to get a small area. It’s so much easier than pulling out and plugging in the entire vacuum. The battery has a pretty good length of life, and I know it because I have seen this man attempt to vacuum AN ENTIRE FLOOR with our hand vac. My husband hates our full-size vacuum almost more than our cat does.

3. Xbox Game Pass / $25

Summer / This has been described to us as “the Netflix of games,” basically, you pay for a subscription to the service and the recipient will be able to access a variety of games for as long as the subscription lasts. If they have Xbox live, they can connect to the internet and play those games with their friends. If they don’t have Xbox live, you can get the Ultimate Game Pass which is a bundle of Game Pass, Xbox Live, and PC Game Pass (in case they want to play on their computer).

4. Yeti Lowball / $20

Summer / As a groomsmen gift from Kathryn’s husband, my boyfriend (and all the other groomsmen) received a navy Yeti Lowball with his name engraved on it. Even if your man already has a Yeti, this smaller version is perfect for keeping morning coffee or evening whiskey the perfect temperature–because no one needs 32 oz. of either of those beverages. They come in a ton of colors as well as the traditional stainless, so you’re bound to find a style he will like. Pair it with his favorite beverage and you will have a winning combination.

You might be wondering why one of them is burnt orange… the store only had 7 navy lowballs, and we had a tight deadline. Luckily, our friend Billy went to UT so we figured he wouldn’t mind being different than everyone else since it was his school color!

5. Charging Valet / $68 – $110

Summer / This is pretty pricey for a charging valet, but I had some specific criteria when I was searching for one. It had to look pretty, charge wirelessly, be able to charge a phone, watch, and Airpods all at once, and have a safe nook for jewelry. This shop will customize the configuration of your valet to your specifications, so if you don’t have Airpods or you need two phone charging pads they have you covered.

6. NFL Light-Up Holiday Sweater / $70

Kathryn / In 2017 I saw a commercial for these light-up NFL holiday sweaters and I fell in love. I immediately bought one for my husband that holiday, and it’s his go-to outfit for all holiday sweater parties we go to–including our own. They have one for every NFL team and even a few college teams if you’re more of an NCAA household!

7. Fire Stick / $20

Summer / We just got one of these because our (very) old Roku bit the dust and y’all, it’s pretty cool. My favorite feature is the voice command remote, which works similarly to an Echo except you press a button on the remote and speak into it like a microphone. You can load Alexa apps so it’s like having a TV-sized Echo Show. The new layout takes some getting used to but the Bluetooth pairing capabilities, ability to actually see what you’re telling Alexa to order you from Amazon, and upgraded memory make it so worth it.

8. Acqua de Gio Cologne / Full Size Set $98, Travel Size $28

Kathryn / My husband has been using this cologne for over 6 years. That’s longer than I’ve known him (but not longer than he’s been friends with Summer!) It’s his signature scent, and I honestly love that I married a man that has a signature scent. If you know that this is your recipient’s signature scent, this set is a great buy. If you aren’t sure, maybe stick to a travel size bottle to test the waters—in that case, it would serve as a great stocking stuffer!

FTC: This post contains affiliate links. Whenever you purchase something from one of these links, we at Tailor of 2 Cities earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only post items that we love or want ourselves. When you purchase from these links, you’re helping to keep our little blog going and we appreciate your support!

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