Let’s Get Weird: We Planned An Austin Bachelorette Party So You Don’t Have To

Between the two of us, we have been to three bachelorette parties in Austin. Add on countless weekend trips, and the fact that Kat went to school just north of this weird city, we will consider ourselves two Having Fun In Austin pros. Here’s a Bachelorette Party that we planned, loosely based off the bachelorettes we’ve been to. We hope this helps you plan your bach in Austin!

Where To Stay

If you’re staying at an Airbnb, you probably don’t want to stay directly downtown, as that could get pricey. (But just in case, here is an affordable downtown condo that might interest you.) A better bet would be to stay south of downtown, like this South First Launch Pad or this Adorable Cottage. You could also stay north of downtown, or on the east side! This way, you’re a quick Lyft ride away from all your activities.

Friday Night

Friday night is for Rainey Street. You want to have a good time, but you also want to take it easy, since we all know Saturday night is the best night to party. Start out at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden for dinner. They have a fun beer garden atmosphere, a huge sausage menu (including vegetarian options!) and approximately one million beer and wine options.

Summer’s fiancé and Kat’s husband at Bangers for Joe’s bachelor party.

Next, you’ll want to hit up every bar on Rainey Street. There aren’t too many—it’s the perfect amount to get a drink at each one. Don’t forget to get the pickle martini from Icenhauers, Summer’s favorite, and stop at Unbarlievable where they have a slide in the back, which is Kat’s favorite thing.

Saturday Brunch

For brunch on Saturday, head to Yellow Jacket Social Club. It’s on the East Side. They have a really nice courtyard vibe, a great brunch menu, and serve mimosas to you in a big bucket—what’s not to love?

Saturday Afternoon Activity

This is my favorite downtown activity: A BEER BIKE! I’ve been on 3 of them and they are a complete blast every time. It’s the perfect amount of physical activity in my opinion, and there’s a bench on the back for girls to ride if they don’t want to/can’t pedal. (Some bikes are motorized and do most of the work for you—if this is a concern, make sure to ask what sort of bike it is before booking!) You and the girls will pedal through downtown, stopping at 3 different bars on the way. It’s about a 2 hour ride, and it’s BYOB! This is also a great time to wear those matching shirts you probably made. My favorite company is PubCrawler of Austin (bike is not motorized), but there are plenty of other options too!

Kat on a beer bike, circa 2017.

If the beer bike pub crawl isn’t your style, you could always go for a swim at Barton Springs Pool if it’s summertime, or climb up the Austin 360 Bridge Overlook area to get an amazing view of the city from the top. Or, you can do a distillery tour that picks you up from downtown and takes you to Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery for a tour and a tasting.

Kat at the 360 Bridge Overlook, also circa 2017.

Nap Time!

Every bachelorette party needs a nap time, and you will never change my mind about this. Make sure to plan out 2-3 hours of down time where girls can nap, chill, and relax before they have to start getting ready for the evening activities.

Saturday Night

Saturday Nights were made for Dirty Sixth. To get the party started, I highly recommend booking a reservation at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. You might have to pay cover, but it’s well worth it. The dueling pianos play all sorts of songs and requests, so don’t forget to bring a few bucks cash if you want to make any song requests. There’s usually a good number of bachelorette parties there on any given night, and they typically will bring brides on stage to do a song just for them + their girls (make sure to include a note about _____’s Bachelorette Party on your song request!)

After an hour or two at Pete’s, it’s time to hit 6th. My favorite place to start is Buckshot, simply because their drinks and shots are the cheapest. From there, bar hop until your heart’s (or bride’s) content!

Sunday Brunch + Activity

Grab some to go food (tacos are always a good option in Austin) and head to Upstairs Circus, a craft bar on 2nd street. And when I say craft bar, I don’t mean craft cocktails… I mean DIY arts & crafts! If you haven’t had enough alcohol, you can get their bottomless mimosa package with whatever craft you do. Each attendee can choose whatever craft they want, and of course you get to take it home in the end!

We all happened to pick string art projects when we went to Upstairs Circus for our friend Callie’s bachelorette!

We hope this bachelorette party guide for Austin helps you make or solidify your own Austin plans. Let us know what city you’d like to see next!

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