Back to Campus Basics

Since I work and study at a university, I’m always thrown off by all the back to school madness that occurs in early August. With another week and a half to go before my own semester starts, I feel behind everyone else but I wanted to share some of my must-haves for heading back to college (or headed there for the first time!) Keep in mind I live in and have only ever attended university (three of them thanks to grad school) in the South, so if you’re matriculating north of the Mason-Dixon this may not apply.

Linen shirt/ Wide-Leg Pant / Mules / Sweatshirt / Leggings / Sandals / Clear Bag

Stay Cool

One of my biggest struggles is finding options to wear when you have to walk across a massive campus in 95 degrees but your building is about -7. Linen button-ups are my go-to on days when I need to look put together, and linen tanks are a great shell to throw a cardigan over once you get inside. One of my favorites is from Uniqlo, but any 100% linen shirt is going to keep you looking cool when you’re feeling hot.

Cropped, wide-leg pants are a trend sent to us from hot-weather angels. Not only are you getting more air flow from the shorter cut, but they’re breezier for your stifled legs. As a girl who’s not keen on wearing dresses and skirts on campus, these are amazing.

Stay Comfy

Since I am usually on campus for work, I don’t tend to dress as casually as undergraduate students, but I have been known to roll up to the library in yoga pants and a university-branded sweatshirt. I’m only human. I recommend heading back to campus well stocked with your favorite leggings because by the time mid-terms roll around you’ll probably be living in them.

Comfortable shoes are a must, my campus is extremely casual when it comes to classroom attire and Birkenstocks or tennis shoes are the norm. I love my knock-off Birks when its still hot out and transition to my faux fur-lined mules when it cools down, both from Target.

Stay Classy

If you rush a sorority or attend football games, you’ll be dressing up more than you might have bargained for. I’ll get into tailgate attire more in another post but the most important thing to remember CLEAR BAGS. You don’t want to be that girl that can’t get into the game because of her purse. I know that different universities have different standards for rush events and tailgating but I’ve never seen one where shorts and a giant t-shirt (the preferred classroom uniform) are the norm, so be ready to step your fashion game up a bit.

This is just a brief round up of campus attire that I hope will be helpful whether you attend a college or work at one. If you’re still struggling with what to pack up and bring to your college town, I’d love to help. I’ve been around the collegiate block a couple times so if you have any questions or want more details about what to wear on campus or to university events, let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Back to Campus Basics

  1. “Since I am usually on campus for work, I don’t tend to dress as casually as undergraduate students”
    ^^Definitely true. I work in a university study abroad office with other 20- and 30-somethings, and none of us want to be confused for students. We often talk about how to dress comfortably AND professionally enough to create that distance between ourselves and the students we’re working with.

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