Besties, Booze, and Bachelorettes!

I started planning Kathryn’s bachelorette party about five seconds after she asked me to be a maid of honor. I have an entire Google Drive folder dedicated to it and I’m pretty sure all the other bridesmaids are completely fed up with my micromanaging. You know Amy Pohler’s character in “Wine Country?” Yeah, that’s me. But, as is my custom, I waited until less than a month out to start thinking about what I’m going to wear. Of course, I turned to Amazon because 2 day shipping + free returns are my saving grace. 

Sequin Romper (similar) / Fringe Dress / Sequin Dress / Lace Dress / Jumpsuit / Sequin Romper / Pleather Skirt

Since the bach will be on a three day weekend, I needed one extra outfit than I would for a normal weekend getaway, so I decided to order several to up my chances of finding three good options.

Of course I had to get some sequins; we saw this long sleeve romper on a bride in Nashville (it also comes in white!) and fell in love, so I knew I had to try it. 

The high neck romper is a little more my style, covered in the front, but a party in the back. The top was just a tad too short for my long torso, and being backless there wasn’t enough extra fabric to make up for that.

The sequin dress comes in a million colors so I thought if I didn’t like it in black, I might try it in a different color for New Year’s Eve. (Ultimately, it didn’t make the list, but it’s still a great option!)

The jumpsuit reminded me of an Express jumpsuit that was popular last winter, I wasn’t very sure about this one but I loved it on! The top is wired to hold its shape, I just don’t trust myself in strapless for this occasion.

The fringe sleeve dress is one I was considering for our Nashville trip but I thought it was too low cut. It’s actually not too revealing, I wish I’d given it a chance earlier.

Again, a high neck silhouette makes an appearance with the lace dress. This dress is so classy…too classy for our plans, but I loved it and would definitely wear it to a different event.

I actually had another faux leather skirt from Amazon that I wore to a previous bachelorette party but it was really short when I sat, so I tried this one that is a bit longer in the back—perfect to pair with those ubiquitous matching t-shirts. This was my favorite thing from the entire order–versatile, fits well, and has POCKETS!

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