Tis the Sequin: What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

We’re going somewhere really fun for New Year’s Eve so naturally we have been obsessing what to wear for weeks! We love sequins; I even made black sequins part of the dress code for Kathryn’s bachelorette. If it is socially acceptable to wear sequins—or even if it’s not—I will wear them. But sequin dresses can get expensive and/or be very size exclusive so we rounded up some of our favorite sequin options in both plus and straight sizes. We hope this helps you find the perfect party look without wading through a million $400 Retroféte search results (I’m looking at you, Pinterest).

1. Silver Sequin Wrap Dress / 2. Clutch / 3. Gold Sequin Wrap Dress / 4. Black Skater Dress – Straight / 5. Black Skater Dress – Plus / 6. White Sequin – Straight / 7. White Sequin – Plus / 8. Black Iridescent – Straight / 9. Black Iridescent – Plus

White sequins are great if you’re engaged because they can pull double duty as NYE and bachelorette attire. If Kathryn hadn’t spilled hurricane and sat on the grimy streets of the French Quarter in this dress, she’d probably be wearing it this year. I’m not engaged and I would still rock some white sequins because I love the way they look when they’re iridescent. Plus, “winter white” is a phrase for a reason!

We have a whole post about what to wear to a bachelorette, but I’ll reiterate here that you can’t go wrong with black sequins. Like the white sequin for the bride, a black sequin dress can work for both New Year’s Eve and a bachelorette. If you’re especially sequin-obsessed, a black sequin dress can be your LBD. I’ve found versions of Kat’s skater style dress (straight / plus) and my bodycon iridescent sequin dress (straight / plus).

Finally, the dresses we’re wearing this year. They aren’t exactly the same, but silver and gold are best friends (anyone else thinking of that Girl Scouts song “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”?). This isn’t a silhouette I’d usually go for, but I wanted balloon sleeves and iridescent sequins so I went for it. My compromise worked in our favor because it’s exactly the silhouette Kathryn would normally wear and she found this amazing gold dress that matches! Serendipity.

Honorable mention—I’m obsessed with this black star silver sequin bodycon dress that Kat tried from Eloquii!

What are you wearing this year? Not really feeling anything we suggested here, but need help finding a great option in your budget? Let us know, we’re happy to help!

Click here to check out what we were up to on New Year’s Eve, and see what we wore to our party.

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