Don’t Be Green With Envy: St. Patrick’s Day Outfits

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty important holiday for us because Kathryn and Joe live close to Greenville Avenue, home to Dallas’ annual St. Patrick’s Day parade; and Dallas goes hard for this holiday. Last year we broke tradition because we were both in Scotland, but usually St. Pat’s entails waking up obscenely early for Irish coffee and breakfast bites before heading down to the parade. This year we’re going to be more extra than normal, since it might be our last St. Patrick’s party with such close proximity to the parade. We’re planning out a themed drink and food menu ahead of time—check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration for your own party! Naturally, we need to have some good green outfit options but we’re also huge procrastinators so we compiled green goodies that you can get your hands on in 2 days (or less if you head to the store!).

Velvet Dress

Summer / I love the embroidery on this dress, and the shape of the sleeves is so unique. I am a big fan of all things velvet lately, so the material coupled with these other features had me clicking “add to cart” lickety split. It might be a little heavy for Dallas, but if it is still a bit chilly where you are this is an amazing option. I do recommend sizing up if you’re on the taller side, my regular size was a bit too short.

Kathryn / I love this dress a lot, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. The dress comes in S-4X, and I really wanted to order the 4X, but it wasn’t on prime so I had no guarantee it would come in time. I tried the XXXL, which didn’t leave enough room for me in the chest, nor was it long enough for me. I wish it had worked—and maybe the 4X would have, if only I’d had the time to try it.

Puff Sleeve Off the Shoulder

Kathryn / I am so excited for this dress! It is in the mail on its way to me as we speak. It doesn’t have 2-day shipping, but Eloquii does have pretty fast ship times and if you order it now, it might get to you before March 17! I’ll do a try on over on our instagram story when it arrives—stay tuned!

Polka Dots

Summer / I was little reluctant to embrace square necklines at first but I am here for them now! It looks especially cute balanced out with the flirty skirt and balloon sleeves of this little dress. The green is a little dark if you are a kelly green St. Pat’s purist like Kat is, but it’s one of my favorite colors for everyday wear, making this dress super versatile beyond the holiday.

Faux Wrap Skirt

Summer / I actually ordered this dress in burgundy for Kathryn’s rehearsal dinner, but it ended up being too short for me. I thought it was so adorable I ordered one size up in green for the holiday. I love the ruffle skirt (it is just a regular skirt with a faux wrap fabric panel, so you are fully covered if a gust of wind comes through) and fun sleeves, but the top half didn’t fit my torso quite right. I’d still give it a shot, it just wasn’t my favorite of the bunch.

Embroidered Sleeves

Summer / The sleeves on this dress reminded me a lot of a dress Kathryn tried out for a wedding she went to recently, so I thought she would dig it. As you have probably noticed, we’re big fans of embroidery on dresses so the sleeves are great, but the body of the dress leaves something to be desired. Is it a shift? Is it bodycon? I think if I sized up it would fix this fit issues but as it is, it’s too short and fits oddly through the torso (story of my life). The material is actually pretty good, like a light sweatshirt, and a little stretchy so I would give this one another try.

Kathryn / Another dress that was an unfortunate failure. This one looked so promising! But the body had no shape, and it was too short. I might have to go back and order that floral embroidered dress I tried on, though, because this one has me wishing I owned it!

Green Floral Dresses: Plus Size / Straight Size

Kathryn / If you’re into floral, this dress is one that you can wear all Spring! It fits perfectly for St. Patrick’s day, but lends itself to any event all season. This pattern is on a couple different dress styles at Target, so whether you prefer a v-neck or a mock neck, you can find it in a style that works for you.

Tie Dye Sweatshirts: Plus Size / Straight Size

Kathryn / I found this sweatshirt at Target and was immediately drawn to it. While hesitant at first, I am now ready to embrace the tie-dye trend this Spring (I definitely think Taylor Swift had something to do with this), and what better time to lean into tie-dye than the party that kicks off Spring?!

Whatever you’re wearing, we hope you have a blast this St. Patricks Day!

FTC: This post contains affiliate links. Whenever you purchase something from one of these links, we at Tailor of 2 Cities earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only post items that we love or want ourselves. When you purchase from these links, you’re helping to keep our little blog going and we appreciate your support!

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