That’s my own clever name for a maid-of-honor proposal. Since I will be sitting at Kathryn’s rehearsal dinner in seven short days, I thought it would be fun to take you with us down memory lane as we reflect on all the fun we had getting to this point. Today we’re going to talk about the night Kathryn asked me to be her maid of honor.

I had been super involved in planning Kathryn’s fiancé’s proposal (a topic that deserves it’s own blog post), and Kathryn and her fiancé once had a friendly tiff about which side of the aisle I’d stand on at their future wedding so I was definitely expecting to be a bridesmaid. I was absolutely not expecting her to ask me to be MOH this particular night.

I was in town for a friend’s bridal shower, and Kathryn asked if I wanted to help decorate her Christmas tree. Christmas is my most favorite thing and I got so into pulling ornaments out that I completely neglected the calendar she had sitting in the decorations box. When I finally did discover it I think I said “why do you have a notebook in this box?” in a searingly judgmental tone.

She had printed this desk calendar with a photo of us to go with each month, and all of the important dates to remember marked—our friend’s wedding, trips we had planned, birthdays. I was still thinking “oh she made me a cute calendar” because Kathryn is the type of person who would do that for no reason at all. I finally made it to the September page and…

And then I cried while her fiancé took pictures.

Then she brought me my “mermaid of honor” shirt and a glass of wine to drink while we finished decorating that tree.

It was no secret that I wanted a mermaid shirt, so Kathryn obliged.

Now you’re probably wondering why I was so caught off guard. I’m 1/2 of a maid-of-honor set so I naturally assumed my counterpart would be the one and only MOH. Not to mention I had a completely different reason to be in town so it was not at all suspicious that Kathryn had planned this fun activity for us to do together. No one ever surprises me because I am the nosiest person on the planet so it’s amazing that she managed to plan a proposal that was honestly much sneakier than the one I helped her fiancé plan!

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