Gift Guide: Gifts for Your Picky Friends

I will be the first to admit I am incredibly picky when it comes to… well, everything. I will read a million reviews and return five options before deciding on what to buy. Unfortunately, this tends to spill over into gifts and mostly I just end up telling people exactly what to buy me via Pinterest. Since I know I’m incredibly difficult to shop for, I’m sure y’all have similar people in your lives. I put together a gift guide of foolproof gifts that will please even the pickiest pal.

1. External Battery / 2. Sweater Shaver / 3. Hyggelight / 4. Favorite Drink / 5. Weighted Blanket / 6. Mug Warmer / 7. Experience / 8. USB Lighter

1. External Battery / $40

Kat and I call these “bricks,” they’re the battery packs you can plug your phone into when you’re low on power. This pink one was actually a part of our bridesmaids gifts from Kathryn; it has a soft, kind of leathery feel to it with a rose gold metallic edge. If pink isn’t your thing, or you don’t trust yourself to keep it clean (I may have gotten a smudge or two on mine), it also comes in black. A word of warning, though, don’t buy your picky friend one of those cheap bricks, just above $30 is the sweet spot for a powerful battery.

2. Sweater Shaver / $13

Everyone has that sweater or blanket that has seen better days, right? Well this little gadget will remove all those fabric bobbles and keep sweaters looking new. This particular shaver has amazing reviews on Amazon and comes in a bunch of colors. Picky friends love a practical item!

3. Hyggelight / $30

This is one of the coolest gifts I’ve come across, in fact, it has been on my own Christmas list two years running. It is a candle that turns into a flower pot! You pick the style of pot and the candle scent, and they send it to you along with flower seeds to use after the wax is gone. This copper one is bound to be a crowd pleaser, but there are neutral options if your recipient’s decor is more subdued.

4. Favorite Drink

When I threw Kathryn’s bridal shower, her mom got me a bottle of my favorite liquor (Deep Eddy vodka) and Crystal Light. It might not seem sentimental to give someone alcohol, but I thought it was so sweet that she took the time to figure out my favorite drink. Consumables are great whether you know the recipient super well or not at all because they can range from very specific (like Deep Eddy and Crystal Light) to generic (a nice bottle of wine). The best part for the picky recipient is that, after it’s gone, it’s gone. No displaying little tchotchkes or wearing a sweater you actually can’t stand when the gift giver visits.

We can’t ever seem to make normal faces when we take a photo together.

5. Weighted Blanket / $73

I actually have a weighted blanket from a different Amazon seller, but I am lusting after this one because my current blanket is only big enough for one person. If you want it to cover your bed like a bedspread, buy bigger than the chart says, trust me! This one has great reviews, sewn squares to hold the beads in place, and loops to attach a cover. It comes in a variety of colors, weights, and sizes so you can get just the right combination.

6. Mug Warmer / $11

This is my second purchase of the same mug warmer, my old one bit the dust after being used as a coaster for condensating drinks one too many times. Now it lives in my office where it is far from sweating glassware and keeps my tea toasty for hours. There are a bunch of fancier ones that cost way more, but I love my $11 one and so will anyone who drinks hot beverages (that’s everyone, right?).

7. Experience

Like consumables, the great thing about an experience gift is that the person doesn’t have to own anything afterward (except the memories!). We went to a place called Upstairs Circus during our friend’s bachelorette in Austin and it was so. fun. They had unlimited mimosas, let us bring in food, and we each got to choose our craft project—we all ended up doing a similar one but it was nice to have options. Obviously the best part was that we all got to hang out and do something fun together, which is the whole point of an experience gift! Concert tickets, cooking classes, or a couple hours TopGolf are all great options for this and the recipient gets what the really want—time with you!

These took way longer than anticipated but we LOVED making them with our bride-to-be!

8. USB Lighter / $30

Lighters that don’t require any lighter fluid? Sign me up. I hadn’t even heard of USB lighters before this year and these are a magnificent blend of function and form. They are rechargeable so you never have to hunt for the one lighter in your house that has juice left again. Plus they’re so pretty, and the perfect compliment to go with one of those Hyggelights.

Honorable Mention: Potato Parcel

This is certainly not a gift for everyone, but if your picky person has a strong sense of humor, a Potato Parcel is a great gift. You can get entire gift sets from this company but the original is just a potato with your face on one side and words imprinted on the other. I loved this gift so much I actually carried my potato around with me for a couple of days (as evidenced by the photo of me holding it in a diner below).

FTC: This post contains affiliate links. Whenever you purchase something from one of these links, we at Tailor of 2 Cities earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only post items that we love or want ourselves. When you purchase from these links, you’re helping to keep our little blog going and we appreciate your support!

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